Sunday, August 14, 2011

PageRank T-shirt Giveaway from Jehzlau Concepts

I like to collect Bloggers t-shirts....

Me being so stoked when I got my tee

....and it would be sweet if I could add this PageRank t-shirt from Jehzlau Concepts and to my collection ;) T-Shirt Size would be Ladies, Medium and my main blog's PR is 2. ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nivea Cupcakes

If you think tech companies are the only that have cupcakes, think again!
Even beauty products have too!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Improve Your Garden with French Inspired Garden Accessories

If your garden is more than just a place where plants and vegetables grow, then you are one of the many gifted individuals who have great passion for gardening or simply making your garden and home into a much more relaxing place to stay.  You are one of the many gifted who have magic to turn a simple space into heaven on Earth. Now, you just need the right tools and accessories to turn your garden into paradise-like space of your home. You will need various garden accessories that would complement and even enhance your existing garden and make it look even more beautiful and cozy. 

In turning your garden into a much more beautiful and majestic garden, you need to start with a single area in your garden so you could have more focus and attention as to what specific changes and improvements are needed to be done. Focus on one part of your garden and construct the rest around it. That way, you will be able to fully concentract and fully develop your garden with a pattern surrounding around your central focus. 

You can then build and create an architectural form or style to your garden based on the existing garden plan that you have in mind. Add your selected garden ornaments and accessories to the add aesthetic value your garden. Some of the most common garden ornaments that you can add on your garden are garden lights, garden baskets, bird feeders and zinc pots. These gardens accessories will not only complement your existing layout but will also improve the over-all look of your garden giving it a much fuller look. It will also give your visitors an impression that your garden is not just a place where plants and vegetables grow but an extension of your creativity and your home.

Buy Signature Fragrances, Health and Beauty Products At The Garden Pharmacy

Did you know that you can actually purchase branded and signature fragrances at discounted prices right at the comfort of your home? Yes, you have just read it right! You no longer need to queue in a local pharmacy or department store just to purchase beauty fragrances such as Dior, Gucci, Lacoste, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren and many others. You can now have these products delivered right at your doorstep with a few clicks on your computer's mouse. Now isn't that a beautiful way to shop? What adds to the awesomeness is that you could actually save on The Garden Pharmacy's loyalty program and special deals. Right, that means you can shop all you want, anytime and anywhere you want and actually adding savings on your purchases! 

Now before you start getting worried that the company maybe bogus or if you are unsure whether the products gets delivered or not, The Garden Pharmacy is one of the pioneers when it comes to online business as they have long been trusted as the leader in online health and beauty business since 1993. You can also visit their brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Covent Garden. You will not only enjoy savings on your favorite beauty and health products purchases, you are also assured with that fact that you are shopping with a company that’s sole purpose is to please you and bring you the best service with the highest standards.

Whether you are looking for a health product for weight loss, for your dandruff, dental care, digestive problems or skin problems, sleep and insomia, mouth ulcers, hair loss treatment, foot care, feminine hygiene, and pain relievers – you can trust in the wide inventory of products from The Garden Pharmacy. It is truly your garden for health and beauty products. You will find the right product and brands that will suit you! Unlike most online pharmacies and shops, only The Garden Pharmacy provides you with wide array of choices you could choose from and of course, gives you special deals too! There’s no other name you can trust for your health and beauty need but The Garden Pharmacy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Save On Your Beauty and Health Products Purchases

Do you like to buy health and beauty products? Are you a certified and self-confessed shopaholic who just can't get enough with the signature and branded fragrances? Do you like to buy the latest collection of Christian Dior, Gucci or maybe Lancome perfumes? Well if you are into these brands and you just can't stop yourself from buying them as soon as they get out in the market the you are in great luck as The Garden Pharmacy will spoil your guiltless pleasures with special offers, discounts and even loyalty schemes that will reward you for purchasing your favorite beauty and health products. 

The Garden Pharmacy is your ultimate one-stop shop for all your beauty and health needs as they have a wide inventory of health and beauty products of your trusted brands at their best prices! You will also find a hand-picked selection of make-up and skin care supplies, toiletries and products for men. You can find all of these with just a few clicks and shop your favorite brands and enjoy lots of savings - all in the convenience of your home because it is the only online pharmacy that most people in the UK have been trusting since 1993!
So go ahead, indulge in that shopaholic in you without feeling guilty afterwards because you can be assured of The Garden Pharmacy's special deals and loyalty program that can save you tons of money. You are not only enjoying the shopping right in your home, you are also giving yourself the best deals.

If you would like to see the The Garden Pharmacy in its physical location, you will be alble to find yourself at the heart of Covent Garden which is also the center of London's Tourist area, famous for the Opera House, street entertainers, and of course its shopping. The online business was established in 1993, well before any other Health & Beauty website so you can really assure that you are buying from a company that has long been established and trusted by many consumers. Why would you buy from an online company that has just sprouted recently when you can buy from The Garden Pharmacy!

The Garden Pharmacy: Your Total Health and Beauty Haven

Wanna have the best beauty and healthcare products right when you need it? You can actually have beauty products such and fragrances from the most trusted brands such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Clinique, Jimmy Choo, Estee Lauder, La Roche-Posay, Lancome, Jean Paul Gaultier, Clarins,Vichy and many others. Well, you can have all of them at The Garden Pharmacy! Aside from the leading brands of beauty products, you can also find many authentic and fully supervised drugs for varies illnesses such as allergy remedies, anti-fungal products, anti-smoking, dandruff treatments, dental cares, hair loss, skin problems and many others . You can be assured that these products are original because The Garden Pharmacy is a registered pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council. That's right! You are not buying from any bogus online shop but you can be secured with the fact that The Garden Pharmacy's name is your guarantee. 
Now you might be wondering why would you prefer buying beauty and health products from The Garden Pharmacy when you can buy it from a brick-and-mortar shop?  Well, I wonder if these shops have the amazing loyalty scheme that The Garden Pharmacy has for its online customers. That means all purchases you make at their online shop, you will be able to collect points, which are worth 5% of your purchases. Unlike other similar schemes, no minimum purchase is required. These points are then available to use against future online orders with us (100 points = £1.00). Now you tell me, has any other beauty, health and wellness shop offered their loyal customers with such a brilliant scheme? I don't think so. Only The Garden Pharmacy offers such a great scheme to its avid and loyal customers. 

The other thing which a lot of customers love about The Garden Pharmacy is the wide range of product options to choose from. It has a wide inventory of the best brands various health and beauty products that a buyer can think of. You can really enjoy shopping your favorite and trusted brand right in the comfort of your home with just a few clicks through The Garden Pharmacy!

Uses of 6-Axes Laser Systems from FIMARK

FIMARK is a laser engraving and laser marking company founded in 1997 to provide laser marking services to all sectors of industry. It has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of laser marking and laser etching services for medical, kitchen and bathroom and general marking for every type of industry including automotive, medical, aerospace and general manufacturing.

With its amazing state-of-the-art technology and commitment to giving high quality laser marking and laser engraving services, you can always trust that you get the best service at the best rates. Also, the fact that they have close-knit relationship with suppliers and other manufacturers allows them to provide their clients with the best service using the best technology and materials at a much lower cost.  

If that isn't awesome enough, then in 2006 FIMARK moved to larger premises to increase capacity for automotive interior work. Also, they now have 6-axes laser systems to help you create the best quality workmanship with the high-end technologies. The system combines 3D scanning, robotic manipulation of work piece, and a marking laser with vision system and software that allows the wrapping of images around complex 3D shapes. The system is particularly suited to components where the geometry varies, for example castings, where paint can be accurately and quickly removed as an alternative to hand masking. This technology can be best used in the following applications:

Paint removal on magnesium castings for aerospace applications.
Removal of plating on moulded automotive light clusters.
Removal of chrome on perfume bottles to create complex patterns.
Other OEM applications where the benefits of laser marking are required around a 3D shape.

You can now use this 6-axes technology for your projects and you are assured that it is made with the highest quality materials and created in the highest and strictest standards. FIMARK maintains its credibility when it comes to laser marking and laser engraving in every type of industry including automotive, medical and in general manufacturing so that means you are going to a one-stop shop that caters to all your laser engraving and laser marking needs.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yahoo! Cupcakes

I love Yahoo! They actually sent me some cool stuff like ballpens, pins and t-shirts
Now take a look at these yummy Yahoo! cupcakes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Twitter Whale Cake, Anyone?

Twitter wouldn't be as fun as it is without the famous #failwhale. 
Check out this Twitter cake and other goodies too! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

iTouch, iPhone 4, iPad Cakes

Do you know some Apple products lover who's about to celebrate his birthday? Check out the following iPhone, iPad and iTouch apps cakes!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Delicious Cupcake

Delicious Cupcake as it was Acquired by YouTube Founders

We all know by now that YouTube founders acquired Delicious from Yahoo! Here's a Delicious cupcake from Chad Hurley! Yum.

If you haven't tasted it yet, here are some Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iPhone and Other Social Media Cupcakes and don't forget the Twitter Cakes

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yahoo! Pins, T Shirts and Ballpens

You must have seen the Google schwags by now. Now, say hello to Yahoo! Schwags!

 Back of a black Yahoo! tshirt saying HugMe!
 Reminds you of the old Yahoo! Messenger times. Buzz!
 Kiss Me Yahoo Icon Black Tshirt

 Yahoo! Purple College pins scream awesomeness!

Yahoo! Purple pens, just gotta love them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iPhone and Other Social Media Cupcakes

Hey there sweet tooth and social media addict! 
Your favorite social media icons are now on cupcakes! Yay!
Check out these Twitter cakes and Facebook cupcakes
I know I know, you want more. Check out these other social media cupcakes of YouTube, SingTel, Firefox and iPhone apps.

It ian't Twitter if it ain't got bird!

Pastel Twitter cupcakes

The classic blue Twitter cupcakes

Then another Twitter cupcake!

You know you wanna dig some Digg cupcakes.

SingTel and Facebook cupcakes, could there be anything yummier?!

Facebook and YouTube cupcakes? Sweet!

And another YouTube cupcake. Yum!

iLove some iPhone apps cupcake!

iWant some Mac cupcake!

Feel the hotness of the party with these flaring Firefox cupcake.

 The party won't start till this Google cupcakes walk in!

Or this uber cute Google cupcake. It ain't real party till Google joins.

There you go sweet tooth, enjoy those social media cupcakes!