Friday, January 21, 2011

Facebook Cupcakes - Inside the Facebook Office

We all know how fun it's like to be inside Google's office. 
Have you ever wondered how it's like inside the world's 7th largest "country" - well, if it is a country it'd be the 7th with the most population. 
Right, Facebook!

A typical setup in every Facebook programmer's desk. Computer with Facebook wallpapers and oh, check out the Facebook mouse pad!

Drinks, anyone? The Facebook fridge. 
Hungry? Grab some Facebook brownies! 
 Can't get enough those Facebook cupcakes? Here are some more. 
Facebook employees must always look forward going to work with these Facebook cupcakes. 
 Even if you're not a chocolate lover, there are Facebook cupcakes for you too!
 You just gotta love those yummy icing in Facebook cakes!
Facebook takes good care of its employees with these goodies. 

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