Saturday, February 5, 2011

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iPhone and Other Social Media Cupcakes

Hey there sweet tooth and social media addict! 
Your favorite social media icons are now on cupcakes! Yay!
Check out these Twitter cakes and Facebook cupcakes
I know I know, you want more. Check out these other social media cupcakes of YouTube, SingTel, Firefox and iPhone apps.

It ian't Twitter if it ain't got bird!

Pastel Twitter cupcakes

The classic blue Twitter cupcakes

Then another Twitter cupcake!

You know you wanna dig some Digg cupcakes.

SingTel and Facebook cupcakes, could there be anything yummier?!

Facebook and YouTube cupcakes? Sweet!

And another YouTube cupcake. Yum!

iLove some iPhone apps cupcake!

iWant some Mac cupcake!

Feel the hotness of the party with these flaring Firefox cupcake.

 The party won't start till this Google cupcakes walk in!

Or this uber cute Google cupcake. It ain't real party till Google joins.

There you go sweet tooth, enjoy those social media cupcakes!

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