Saturday, May 28, 2011

Uses of 6-Axes Laser Systems from FIMARK

FIMARK is a laser engraving and laser marking company founded in 1997 to provide laser marking services to all sectors of industry. It has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of laser marking and laser etching services for medical, kitchen and bathroom and general marking for every type of industry including automotive, medical, aerospace and general manufacturing.

With its amazing state-of-the-art technology and commitment to giving high quality laser marking and laser engraving services, you can always trust that you get the best service at the best rates. Also, the fact that they have close-knit relationship with suppliers and other manufacturers allows them to provide their clients with the best service using the best technology and materials at a much lower cost.  

If that isn't awesome enough, then in 2006 FIMARK moved to larger premises to increase capacity for automotive interior work. Also, they now have 6-axes laser systems to help you create the best quality workmanship with the high-end technologies. The system combines 3D scanning, robotic manipulation of work piece, and a marking laser with vision system and software that allows the wrapping of images around complex 3D shapes. The system is particularly suited to components where the geometry varies, for example castings, where paint can be accurately and quickly removed as an alternative to hand masking. This technology can be best used in the following applications:

Paint removal on magnesium castings for aerospace applications.
Removal of plating on moulded automotive light clusters.
Removal of chrome on perfume bottles to create complex patterns.
Other OEM applications where the benefits of laser marking are required around a 3D shape.

You can now use this 6-axes technology for your projects and you are assured that it is made with the highest quality materials and created in the highest and strictest standards. FIMARK maintains its credibility when it comes to laser marking and laser engraving in every type of industry including automotive, medical and in general manufacturing so that means you are going to a one-stop shop that caters to all your laser engraving and laser marking needs.

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